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Top 10 Places to Propose in Sacramento, California

newlywed couple in Sacramento, California

Are you planning to pop the question to the love of your life in Sacramento, California and looking for the perfect spot to do it? Look no further! As a professional wedding photographer in Sacramento, I have scouted out the top 10 places to propose in the city.

Delta King boat in front of the Tower Bridge in Sacramento

The Tower Bridge

This iconic Sacramento landmark provides a beautiful and romantic setting for a marriage proposal. The bridge's stunning views of the river and skyline make for a truly breathtaking backdrop.

And with its distinctive arches and old-fashioned charm, the Tower Bridge is sure to make your proposal extra special and memorable.

McKinley Park Rose Garden

This hidden gem features a stunning array of rose bushes and other beautiful flora, making it the perfect spot for a romantic and fragrant proposal.

The garden's tranquil atmosphere and charming gazebo provide a secluded and intimate setting for your special moment.

American River

The peaceful waters and natural surroundings of the American River make for a serene and secluded spot to propose.

Whether you choose a secluded spot along the river's banks or a romantic boat ride on the water, the American River is sure to provide a beautiful and memorable setting for your proposal.

Old Sacramento Waterfront

This historic district offers a charming and nostalgic setting for a vintage-inspired proposal. The cobblestone streets and old-fashioned storefronts provide a unique and picturesque backdrop, perfect for capturing the nostalgia of your special moment.

The Sacramento Zoo

The exotic animals and lush greenery of the Sacramento Zoo provide a unique and memorable setting for your proposal.

Imagine popping the question surrounded by the beauty of the rainforest or the savannah, with the added bonus of adorable animals as witnesses to your special moment.

Fairytale Town

For a whimsical and fairy-tale inspired proposal, Fairytale Town cannot be beat. The park's many charming and imaginative play structures, from storybook houses to enchanted forests, provide a playful and magical setting for your special moment.

engagement photos at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California

Crocker Art Museum

The stunning architecture and beautiful gardens of the Crocker Art Museum make for a sophisticated and elegant proposal spot.

The museum's elegant courtyard and stunning art collections provide a cultured and refined setting for your special moment.

The Sacramento Capitol Building

This historic landmark offers stunning architecture and a lush green lawn for an elegant and classic proposal.

The impressive columns and grand steps make for a regal and sophisticated setting, while the nearby trees and gardens provide a beautiful natural contrast.

The Sacramento River

The river's many scenic spots, from the riverfront promenade to the Guy West Bridge, provide a variety of beautiful and romantic settings for your proposal.

Whether you choose a serene and peaceful spot along the river's banks or a bustling and vibrant location in the heart of the city, the Sacramento River is sure to provide the perfect setting for your special moment.

The Sacramento Rail Yards

This industrial-chic venue offers a unique and contemporary setting for your proposal. The rail yards' soaring warehouses and original machinery provide a dramatic and memorable backdrop for your special moment.

No matter what your personal style and preferences may be, Sacramento has something for everyone when it comes to the perfect proposal location.

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