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My story begins when...

More than 10 years ago now (damn, I'm getting old), I bought a camera in the hopes of making a movie...


Christopher Alexander of Alexander Imagery Weddings

I was born to immigrant parents from Costa Rica. It was from them that I created the best parts of myself. I owe them everything.

When I got my first camera, I wanted to become a filmmaker. But very quickly, I realized I had no idea how to use it.


So I learned. And I learned quickly. And more than 10 years later, it has become my passion.

As for my passion for film, I went on to get my Master's in Film and Media Studies. Today, I work every day with my camera creating photo and video deliverables for people all over the world. 


I am also a professor of Film in Sacramento. 


Get to Know Me More


I have been a photographer and filmmaker in the Sacramento area for more than 10 years now. 

I teach film production and film editing in Sacramento at one of the colleges. 

I was once Fear Factor Live Champion (yes really). 

I started my photography career doing senior portraits and prom photos. 

I was once a Cast Member for Disney and to this day, I am a Disney nerd. 

I have played Dungeons and Dragons every week for the last several years.

A dog lives in my house. He is an Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepherd mix. 

I am happily married to my partner in crime and second photographer. 


Meet the Photographer...


Photo and Video. One less worry.

Alexander Imagery Weddings

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Sacramento Premiere Wedding Photographer | A Decade of Experience

From film passion to cherished wedding moments, Alexander Imagery Weddings offers a blend of passion and expertise to the Sacramento wedding scene. Capturing memories as a Sacramento wedding photographer for over 10 years.

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