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Top 10 Wedding Venues in Sacramento, California

Finding a great wedding venue can feel a little like throwing a dart at a map. But Sacramento, California offers a wealth of unique and beautiful venues that are perfect for tying the knot.

From rustic chapels to luxurious ballrooms, here are some of the best wedding venues in (or around) the Sacramento area.

Up first, it's hard to think of Sacramento and not think of that gorgeous waterfront in Historic Old Sacramento.

The Delta King Hotel offers one of the most picturesque and romantic settings for your special day, with a stunning view of the river especially at sunset. Inside this impressive hotel,

You can host a grand celebration in its Riverfront Ballroom or an intimate gathering in any of its smaller rooms. Best of all, at night, it's a romantic setting that feels like something out of a history book.

For a hotel wedding venue, The Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento is one of the most impressive options. With beautiful and modern ballrooms such as the Park Ballroom, you can create an unforgettable event with plenty of space to entertain your guests.

Also boasting great food with delicious menus, it's no wonder why this is becoming one of the favorite wedding venues in the area.


For those who are looking for a more rustic wedding venue, McFarland Ranch in Galt is one of the best places to check out.

With its sprawling property with an outdoor chapel and plenty of outdoor space, it's perfect for couples wanting to create an outdoor wedding with plenty of nature and greenery.

The ranch also has a clubhouse that can be used for the reception and it is ideal for those looking for a more intimate setting.

Wine & Roses in Lodi is another great option if you want a unique wedding venue that offers a beautiful outdoor setting. With its romantic gardens and vineyards, you can create an outdoor ceremony with plenty of natural beauty around you. The venue also has two indoor ballrooms that can accommodate up to 300 guests and they are both beautifully decorated for the special occasion.

The Sterling Hotel by Wedgewood Weddings in Sacramento, California
The Sterling Hotel by Wedgewood Weddings in Sacramento

The Sterling Hotel by Wedgewood Weddings offers a beautiful ballroom that can accommodate up to 250 guests. Featuring an impressive décor, this venue is perfect for hosting both your wedding ceremony and reception.

With its numerous amenities such as a full service bar and top-notch catering services, you'll have everything you need to create an unforgettable day.

The Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Sacramento is a great choice for couples who want to have their ceremony and reception in one place. This hotel offers a chic ballroom that can accommodate up to 300 guests, perfect for larger wedding celebrations. The room features modern lighting and décor, making it a great place to host both your wedding ceremony and reception.


For couples that are looking for a true waterfront experience, Scott's on the River at The Westin Sacramento is the perfect venue for you.

This venue offers breathtaking views of the river and is perfect for those looking to create a romantic atmosphere. The venue also features delicious catering services, perfect for when it comes time to serve your guests.

Bloc Wedding Venue in Roseville, California
Bloc Wedding Venue in Roseville, California


For unique wedding venues, Bloc in Roseville is one of the best places to look. This modern venue features a contemporary and sleek design, perfect for those who want to create an intimate event.

With its high ceilings and walls of windows, you'll have plenty of natural light at your ceremony or reception.


The Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom is a great venue for couples who want an outdoor wedding. With its scenic views of the lake, you can create the perfect outdoor ceremony or reception with plenty of natural beauty around you.

The inn also offers several packages that include food and beverages, making it even easier to plan your special day.


The Firehouse Restaurant in downtown Sacramento is the perfect venue for couples looking to have a traditional wedding. It offers a stunning ballroom with plenty of space for up to 250 guests, making it ideal for larger weddings. The restaurant also boasts delicious catering services, ensuring that your guests will be well fed at your special event.


Overall, these are some of the top wedding venues in Sacramento, California. Each one offers a unique and beautiful atmosphere for couples to create their perfect day. With numerous amenities, delicious catering services, and stunning views, you'll be sure to find the ideal place for your special day.

While no, not all of these were in Sacramento, we tried to put together a list that would have you driving no more than 30 minutes from Sacramento.

If you think we missed a venue, let us know in the comments below! We'd love to know your top 10 picks

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