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5 Tips for Grooms: Looking Your Best in Wedding Photos

a groom in a dashing olive green double breasted suit, fixing his watch

Hey, grooms-to-be! We get it: the spotlight often shines bright on the bride, and while she's busy figuring out makeup, hair, and that dream dress, you might be feeling a tad left out.

But guess what? Your moment in front of the camera is just as crucial! Ever scrolled through wedding photos and cringed at that one groom with the ill-fitted suit or the awkward pose? Yep, we've all seen it. Your wedding day isn't just any ordinary day—it's THE day. And you surely don't want to be that guy looking back, wishing he'd put in a smidge more effort.

So, let's gear up, dive in, and ensure you're every bit the dashing groom your partner is excited to see at the altar.

Ready to rock those photos?

1. Understanding the Importance of Grooming

Alright, fellas, let's bust a myth right out of the gate: grooming isn’t just a “bride thing.” Sure, she might have a few more steps in her routine, but you've got some skin in the game too—literally.

The Basics of Skin Care

Gone are the days when a splash of water was the go-to morning routine. Healthy, radiant skin doesn't just happen. It’s the result of a little tender love and care. Think of your skin as a canvas. You wouldn’t paint over a dusty, uneven surface, right? So, kickstart a basic skincare routine. Cleanse to get rid of the dirt, moisturize to keep things smooth, and for Pete’s sake, don’t forget sunscreen, especially if you're having an outdoor affair. A bit of effort now can keep you from looking like a lobster in those beach wedding shots.

Hair: Finding the Right Cut and Style

Ever had a bad hair day? Now, imagine that on your wedding day. Yikes! It's more than just a haircut; it's about finding a style that complements your face, fits the occasion, and makes you feel like a million bucks. Start by chatting with your barber or stylist a few weeks in advance. Maybe even trial a cut or style. Because guess what? Hair grows back, but those wedding photos are forever.

Facial Hair: To Beard or Not to Beard

Beards can be epic—think Jason Momoa—or a bit of a fuzz fest. If you rock facial hair, keep it neat and tidy. Consider a professional trim before the big day. If you’re thinking of going the clean-shaven route, ensure you've got quality razors and products to avoid those dreaded razor bumps. Whether it’s a rugged beard or a smooth chin, the goal is to look polished and feel confident.

Remember, grooming is like prepping a canvas for a masterpiece. With a bit of effort and attention, you'll be photo-ready in no time!

2. Choosing the Perfect Attire

Okay, gents, let's talk threads. Your wedding day outfit is so much more than just "a suit" or "a tux." It's an extension of your personality, a nod to the significance of the day, and a major factor in those memorable photos. Don't just pull something out of the closet and hope for the best. Let's get intentional!

The Classic Tux vs. Contemporary Styles

The age-old dilemma: to tux or not to tux? The classic tuxedo screams sophistication and timeless elegance. It's the James Bond of wedding attire. But if you're aiming for a more relaxed or modern vibe, contemporary styles offer a world of options.

Think tailored suits, fun patterns, or even ditching the jacket for a chic vest look. Whatever you choose, ensure it aligns with the wedding theme and, most importantly, makes you feel unstoppable.

Accessorizing Right

Accessories are the unsung heroes of groom attire. A snazzy tie, a pocket square, or a set of cufflinks can elevate your look from "nice" to "WOW!" But a word of caution: don't overdo it. Find a balance. If your suit is loud and proud, maybe tone down the accessories.

On the flip side, if you're going minimalist with the attire, a statement tie or unique cufflinks can add that perfect splash of personality. And remember to coordinate with your partner. A touch of matching color or theme can bring your looks together in a harmonious, photo-worthy way.

In the world of wedding attire, it's all about showcasing your personality while complementing the overall vibe of the day. So, dress with intention, accessorize with flair, and step out with confidence.

a Sacramento groom in black tux with a cream flower on his lapel

3. Mastering the Art of Posing

Alright, let’s face the music. We’re not all born models. Some of us freeze up when a camera points our way, while others adopt that go-to "deer in the headlights" look. But this is your wedding, not an impromptu snapshot at a party. Let’s ensure you’re striking poses that highlight your best angles and ooze charisma.

Natural Poses for Authentic Shots

Okay, rule number one: Don't force it. The best photos often come from genuine moments. Instead of trying to look like a magazine model, aim for relaxed and real. Stand tall, breathe, and remember—confidence is key.

Let your hands fall naturally, maybe in your pockets or resting on your partner. And that smile? Keep it genuine. Think of the love you're celebrating, and let that joy shine through.

Engaging with Your Partner

This day is about the two of you. When posing together, forget the camera for a second. Focus on your partner. Embrace them, hold hands, share a laugh. These candid moments, the ones filled with real emotion and connection, often turn into the most treasured photos.

Solo Spotlight: Embracing Your Moments

Yes, there'll be times the camera zeroes in just on you. And that’s okay! Channel a bit of your inner superstar. Think of something that makes you laugh or a memory that brings a genuine smile. Trust in your attire, your grooming, and the energy of the day to guide you. Remember, it's about capturing the essence of you.

Posing might feel intimidating, but with a mix of genuine emotion, a dash of confidence, and a sprinkle of guidance from your photographer, you're all set to nail those shots!

4. Connecting with Your Photographer

Let's get one thing straight: a photographer isn't just someone with a fancy camera. They're your guide, your confidant, and, for those few hours, your best friend. The connection you forge with them plays a massive role in how comfortable and authentic you appear in your photos. So, how do you ensure this partnership is solid gold?

The Pre-Wedding Meetup

First impressions matter, and so do second and third ones. Schedule a meetup with your photographer before the big day. This isn’t about formalities; it’s about building rapport. When you’re comfortable with the person behind the lens, it shows in every snap.

Being Open to Guidance

Your photographer has been through countless weddings. They know the drill. If they suggest a specific pose or angle, trust them. But also remember to be yourself. It's a partnership; their expertise meets your authenticity.

Communicating Your Vision

Got some photo ideas or particular shots in mind? Speak up! Share Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, or even doodles. It’s your day, and while the photographer brings the skill, you bring the vision.

In the whirlwind of a wedding, your photographer is both your anchor and compass. Forge a strong bond, trust their expertise, and let your authentic self-shine. The results? Photos you'll cherish forever.

a bride and groom at their Sacramento wedding locked in a kiss

5. Managing Pre-Wedding Nerves

The big day is approaching, and while you're ecstatic about tying the knot, those jitters might be creeping in. And believe us, nerves can show up in photos. But fret not! With a bit of prep and mindfulness, you can keep those butterflies in check.

The Mind-Body Connection

Your mind and body are a team, especially on your wedding day. Start with deep breaths. Sounds simple, right?

But it's a game-changer. When feeling anxious, take a moment, inhale deeply, exhale slowly. It calms the mind and relaxes the muscles. Also, prioritize sleep. A rested groom is a relaxed groom.

Having a Right-Hand Person

Your best man or a trusted friend isn't just there for the bachelor party. They're your support system. Lean on them. They can help make sure your hair looks stylish, your collar is flat, and that you aren't a sweaty mess...

A quick chat, a joke, or just their presence can work wonders in calming nerves. Find someone you can trust, or if it comes down to it and you need someone, you can always hire someone (yes really).

Embracing the Day with Positivity

It's your day. The love, the joy, the union—it's all about celebrating these.

Embrace the day with an open heart, focusing on the love you're sharing rather than the nerves you're feeling.


There you have it, gents! Prepping for your wedding photos isn't just about the right suit or a sharp haircut. It's about bringing together every element—grooming, attire, posing, connecting with your photographer, and managing nerves—to ensure you shine in every frame.

Remember, these photos are more than just images; they're memories, moments frozen in time that tell your unique love story. So put in that effort, stay genuine, and above all, relish every second. Here's to looking dashing and making memories that will last a lifetime!



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