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21 Secrets to Have the Perfect Winter Wedding

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

married couple in the snow

Summer weddings are great for many reasons, but winter weddings come with their own unique charm and opportunities. In fact, if done right, winter weddings can be absolutely magical.

By taking advantage of some of the special features that only winter weddings can offer, you can have a truly unforgettable wedding day. Here are 21 secrets to having the perfect winter wedding:


winter resort in the mountains


To make your winter wedding feel special, consider picking one venue for the ceremony and reception, as this allows for a more fluid transition between the two events. Not to mention that this can limit the time spent in the cold or traveling in winter traffic, or heaven's forbid, a winter storm!

By having it all in one place, you can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere that will last all night.

Check out this blog on the best winter wedding venues in California!


candles on a mantle at a wedding


Adding candles to your winter wedding décor is an easy way to add romance and warmth to the venue. Candles also look beautiful as part of your centerpieces or lining pathways and balconies. They also add an elegant touch to the ceremony.



For a winter wedding, encourage your guests to wear furs or other winter-worthy clothing. Not only will it keep everyone warm, but it will also add an elegant and vintage feel to the occasion.

It's also a great way for the guests to embrace the season and bring out their best. For an extra level of magic, make it an all white wedding and set it in the snow! The photos will be amazing.


engagement photos in the snow


When planning a winter wedding, make sure to pick your venue carefully so you can take advantage of the snow and create a beautiful backdrop for photos. The sparkling snow creates an enchanting atmosphere that is unique to winter weddings.

Plus, it's fun for the guests to get outside and take pictures in the snow!



Traditional winter wedding colors are burgundy, evergreen, ivory and white. For a modern look, consider adding navy blue or grey as accent colors. These colors will bring out the warmth of candles and fireplaces while also providing a festive and wintery feel.

Using these colors as pops within the white and evergreen can create a sense of cohesiveness and elegance throughout your wedding that will give it a big budget feel.



To keep everyone warm, consider adding fireplaces or heaters to your venue. This will help ensure that all the guests are comfortable during the event, and it's also a great way to add some holiday warmth. If your wedding venue has a fireplace, make sure to take advantage of it!

Fireplaces create a cozy atmosphere and add an extra touch of romance to the evening. You can also rent outdoor heaters if you plan on having your ceremony outdoors or in a tent. This makes it a lot easier to keep everyone warm and allow the party to flow more naturally.



Winter weddings often get darker quicker, so it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you have enough time for photos during daylight hours. Have your photographer come earlier in the day and take advantage of the natural light to get those stunning wedding photos!

Make sure you talk to them about the timing and details before the day of, so you're not rushed or stressed out. You can also take advantage of the winter landscape and get creative with your photos.



Just like any outdoor wedding, it's important to have a plan in case of rain or snow. If you are having an outdoor event, make sure to have tents installed beforehand so you don't have to worry if it’s raining on the day.

Also, consider having umbrellas on hand for guests, and have a plan in place to direct them inside if the weather turns bad.



Adding a coat check to your winter wedding adds an elegant touch and is also practical for those chilly days. Have a designated area where guests can leave their coats and stay warm throughout the evening.

This is also a great way to keep the wedding looking neat and tidy, without having coats strewn all over the venue. It even gives your guests the options to take off their coat and let loose on the dance floor.



For a winter wedding, consider swapping out your heels for trendy boots or shoes. Not only will this look stylish and fashionable, but it will also help your feet stay warm and comfortable throughout the night.

It’s a great way to make sure everyone is still dancing and having fun, even in the cold weather.


snowy mountain range


For an extra magical winter wedding, consider picking a venue with a scenic backdrop. Whether you choose a barn, greenhouse or a scenic mountain view, the scenery will really help set the tone for your winter wedding. Plus, it’s great for photos and adds to the overall ambiance of the event.

For the Sacramento area, Apple Hill offers great family owned venues, and if you want that gorgeous mountain view, there is Tahoe at our doorstep and Oregon is only a short drive away.



Winter days are shorter, so it’s important to invite your guests early so they can have enough time to arrive at the venue and enjoy the evening festivities. Give them plenty of notice so they can plan their travel.

Remember, holidays are a bust time for everyone so give everyone plenty of time to plan ahead and make it to your special day.



With cold weather comes dry skin, so making sure you have a good skincare routine for winter is essential. Have an extra deodorant on hand in case your guests need some help keeping warm throughout the night.

To keep your skin moisturized, have some lotion or facial mist available for guests to use during the evening.



Long sleeves are great for keeping warm and they can also be a stylish way to complement your wedding look. Look for dresses with dramatic bell sleeves, ruffles or lace to help keep the chill away.

You can also add scarves, wraps or faux fur stoles to give your look a touch of elegance.



Keep your guests extra warm by providing hand warmers for them to use during the night. This is a great way to make sure everyone stays comfortable and cozy throughout the evening.

You can also use hand warmers as wedding favors for your guests, and they make great keepsakes from your special day.



To really embrace the winter season, consider using winter florals for your wedding decor. You could opt for pinecones, evergreen branches or even poinsettias to add a little holiday cheer to your wedding.

Or, use winter white and cream florals to create a romantic winter wonderland look.



Serving hot drinks is a great way to keep everyone warm throughout the night. Make sure you have plenty of options available for your guests, from spiced mulled cider to hot chocolate and coffee.

You can even offer special winter cocktails or hot toddies to keep your guests in the festive spirit! These are great nostalgic drinks that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy.


Sparklers at a wedding


Make sure you have some winter themed favors on hand for your guests. These can range from custom mugs to cozy socks, festive candles or even holiday ornaments or snow globes.

This is a great way to thank your guests for being part of your special day and ensure they have something to remember it by.



Let the sparklers light up the night and create a magical winter moment! Make sure you provide plenty of sparkler sticks for your guests and help them create a festive atmosphere.

You can even use sparklers in your photos to create a truly magical winter wedding.



A barn can offer plenty of options for a winter wedding. With its rustic charm and cozy atmosphere, it is the perfect setting to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Plus, you can use candles and fireplaces to add warmth and intimacy to your venue. Make sure you also plan ahead with heaters or blankets in case temperatures drop too low.



A greenhouse is a great way to bring the outdoors in and make for a unique winter wedding venue. You can decorate it with white lights, candles and evergreen branches to create an enchanted atmosphere.

Plus, you can use it for your photos as well! This one of a kind venue will surely leave your guests with a lasting impression.

No matter how you choose to plan your winter wedding, make sure it is an event that everyone can enjoy and remember for years to come! From warm drinks and themed favors, to sparkling moments and one of a kind venues, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect winter wonderland experience.

Leave your own winter wedding tips in the comments, and share your own memories!

Thank you so much for reading and we'll see you next time.




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