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Alexander Imagery Studios 

Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Love is the best thing we do.

In a world that can seem pretty crazy at times, I want to make it my mission to capture and preserve the magic and love that makes our human experience so amazing...

This is why I do what I do.


Sacramento Wedding Photography

We are one of Sacramento's only hybrid wedding photography and videography services...


There are not many wedding businesses that can offer photo and video as one cohesive service. 

We can. 


Photographs are among the few tangible keepsakes you'll have long after the wedding day concludes. They're your window back to those magical moments...


Yet, many couples underestimate the significance of their photography budget, sometimes opting for the lowest offer or leaving it as an afterthought...

So to help you figure out if we are the right fit, here is what you can expect to invest in photography on your big day...

My Story

My name is Chris. I'm a professor of film, and a wedding photographer and videographer.


I've been doing this for more than ten years.


I'm 100% the photographer that is trying desperately to not to cry behind the camera (and failing).

One thing you'll come to find out about me very quickly is that I care about my clients.

Take a sneak peak at our portfolio

Let's do the thing.

I just need some basic information, no pressure at all, and we'll reach out to see if Alexander Imagery Studios Wedding and Events photography is the best fit!

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Alexander Imagery Weddings

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Sacramento Wedding Photographer | A Decade of Experience

From film passion to cherished wedding moments, Alexander Imagery Weddings offers a blend of passion and expertise to the Sacramento wedding scene. Capturing memories as a Sacramento wedding photographer for over 10 years.

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